Widya Sujana, BArch, MA (International Studies in Vernacular Architecture)

Job Title:

PhD Research Student


Mackintosh School of Architecture



Housing, Construction and Ventilation
Widya Sujana

Housing, Construction and Ventilation


Widya Sujana,

Identification of Relationship Between Occupants’ Behaviour, Architectural and Environmental Aspects on Ventilation of Bedroom

Supervisor: Dr Tim Sharpe, Dr Raid Hanna

Proposed housing in Scotland is intended to be more efficient on energy consumption for heating and ventilation. Scottish Registered Social Landlords has been exploring any kind of possibilities to attract grant and funding by enhancing their housing stocks and developing energy efficient homes. Such homes need to be constructed to achieve an airtight quality, which conceptually will have less indoor air exchange. Current Scottish Building Standard has provided a guide on ventilation provision for each room in houses that are airtight and less airtight. In reality, people with different variety of habits occupy home. Their presence and habits affect the indoor ventilation. Theoretically, proposals of each development were approved by Scottish Building Control to meet the ventilation standard. My research is aimed to identify any relationship between occupants’ behaviour, architectural and environmental aspects on indoor ventilation of bedroom. For the purpose of my research, the quality of ventilation inside the bedroom of occupied social housing accommodations was investigated.

At the moment, my research study has arrived at the analysis of the data collection. Information gathered on site is mainly the result of measurement of ventilation at night-time inside some bedrooms of housing accommodations located in Aberdeen City and Shire. Alongside, I also collected the secondary data on the architectural and environmental aspects of each house as well as information on occupants’ demographics and habits. The correlational study will be used to test ratio type of variables in order to reveal any dependent or connected variables. Identifying such variables will assist the design decision-making process for the proposal of future energy efficient homes.