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PhD Research Student




Still of timelapse from this collection is yours, McEwan Hall exhibition
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Still of timelapse from this collection is yours, McEwan Hall exhibition


Stefanie Tan

Recovering time, space and the notion of a commons through adapting poetry into film in Edinburgh through various extra institutional contexts.

Supervisor: Dr Ken Neil

This action research is a study of engaging emotional literacy through the adaptation of poetry into film in various extra institutional settings by collaborating with local professionals, autodidacts, amateurs and eventually empowered peer led workshops which were run in community centres, universities, public libraries and even in the street. Case studies of key interventions undertaken through workshops with members of the public, collaborations with local artists and collective project management of exhibitions in the community will be evaluated for organisation approaches, structures and how partnerships with local networks were cultivated.

This constructivist project is inspired by the guiding principles of Augustus Boal, Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich's writings on authentic engagements with groups they worked with to develop literacy or meaningful sharing. Adaptation of non canonical poetry based on Edinburgh postcodes into film was selected as it requires a synthesis of emotive language, connotations, associations, basic elements of literature applied to a range of tools and techniques in media making in order to extend meaningful reader response. The “democratic” access of video making tools was also an attraction to developing the literacy of film to complement literary analysis.

The methods, philosophy and critical analysis of the outcomes and processes will be presented for those in the creative education field interested in alternative education through media, literature and exhibition as authentic assessment. The study situates its findings with the Curriculum for Excellence initiative's component of Community Learning Development initiatives and art making in mind and compares the development of film in the classroom to the researcher's own experiences with creative education in Singapore.

dis-place thiscollection, The Glue Factory, 
April 30 – May 14th

thiscollection workshops: Tollcross Community Center, Adult Learning Project, Jan -March 2011.

thiscollection @ Utter Spoken word, PBH Free Fringe. 10th-22nd August 2010

thiscollection is yours, Experimental mixed medium interactive event, McEwan Hall, Edinburgh, Mar 23-25th 2010

Art and Work: Mixed Media and collaborative art practice event, Bochum, Ruhr Universitat, Germany European Education Conference, May 2010.

Producer, “Trophy”, experimental film 22mins, Canada, 2008-9

Showcased in Canada International Film Festival 2010, Vancouver, 
awarded Rising Star Award for filmmaking.

Tan, Stefanie, Mital, Parag K., Stewart, Dave “Attention: a digital media art installation

employing the University of Edinburgh's Eyetracking technology developed with Max/MSP, Jitter, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro & Pro Tools” Edinburgh, 2008

Showcased at “The Chamber” Teviot, Bristo Square and at Leith Film Festival.

academic contributions

2007 Conference Paper: "New literacies, New mediums, a New dawn for literature studies" Ateneo de Manila University: Reading Asia, Forging Identities in Literature: Policy, Research, and Practice
2009 Chapter 12: Demystifying Literature through practice: accessing the producer within
Teo, P, Tay, M.Y. and Ho, C. (eds.) 2009. Exploring New Frontiers: Challenging students in the Language and Literature Classroom. Singapore: Pearson/Longman
2010 Conference Paper: "The Art of Independence" The Rules of Collective Art: Social Engagement and Collaboration in Contemporary Art; Association of Art Historians
2010 The Scene of the Crime: Curating Resistance: Aesthetics & Ethics in Social Movement,University of Essex
2010 Peer Reviewer: Collective Becomings:: A Special Issue of Subjectivity, Palgrave.
2010 Creative Industries and Knowledge Factories: Analysis and Resistance Second Summit of the Free/Slow University of Warsaw, 7-9 December.
2010 Glasgow Open School: Corridor8's Alternative Art Schools symposium, Liverpool
2010 Interview with Jeanne van Heesjwik, Rotterdam

A recorded presentation based on an analysis of Ivan Illich to an international academic conference
New Opening of University Dilemmas of Science and Higher Education in times of Reform,
The Student Government of the Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, 17-18 June.
Conference Paper: 8th Annual Historical Materialism Conference SOAS: Spaces of Capital, Moments of Struggle for Aesthetics, Class Composition, and Cultural Studies Emancipating Aspirations & Expectations: Everything is in Everything. London,
2011 Participant:
British Art Show Finale Symposium for British Art Show 7, December

2012 Participant:
Aesthetics re-loaded conference, Aarhaus, Denmark, December

2013 Administrator
Artist Collectives: History, Organization, and Politics PhD seminar
Alan W. Moore

2013 Administrator
Politics of Workers’ Inquiry PhD seminar
Anna Curcio, University of Messina
Gigi Roggero, University of Bologna

2013 Participant:
Networked Art symposium: "transmediale 2013: BWPWAP (Back When Pluto Was a Planet)