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3D skull model
Produced as part of NHS Education Scotland funded research at the School of Simulation and Visualisation

3D skull model


Sawitree Wisetchat

Description-Based Visualization of Ethnic Facial Types

Supervisors: Dr. Daniel Livingstone, Gillian Moffat, Dr. Lisa DeBruine

This research concerns the three-dimensional visualization of the human face as it varies across ethnicities. The project is interdisciplinary, integrating knowledge from anatomy, anthropology, psychology, computer science, art, and other disciplines. Human faces of any given ethnicity exhibit large variability across individuals (as well as gender and age), as can be measured by conventional anthropometrics (the quantification of facial dimensions base on facial landmarks). This variability provides the computational basis for the automated identification of individuals, typically from images. Conceptually, different individuals map to different points in a multi-dimensional ‘face space’ (with dimensions typically based on anthropometric measurements). The current research project diverges from the conventional face-space approach to address the questions of ethnic, rather than individual, differences.

This project explores ethnic face spaces, that is, representations that would be useful for describing facial variations across ethnicities, for visualization tasks by human observers, rather than the automatic classification by computers. Example fields that could benefit from improvements in visualization of ethnic variation include anthropology, forensics, medical reconstruction, and digital facial animation.
I wish to visualize ethnicity by means of digital animation, using approaches developed in my M.Phil. studies. Conventionally, variations in facial form across ethnicities (and gender and age) are described in writing and accompanied with reference to static illustrations (i.e., photographs or drawings). Navigation through a ‘ethnic face space’ via digital animation will permit the exploration of continuous paths of facial type, capturing subtle variations in both local facial components and global proportional differences corresponding to recognized dimensions of ethnic variation.


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Sawitree Wisetchat

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