Dawn Worsley MA Art History

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PhD Research Student


School of Fine Art



The Time Travellers, LLAWN02

The Time Travellers, LLAWN02


Dawn Worsley

Immersive Writing: Voicing Site-Specific Immersive Experience.

Supervisors: Dr Laura Gonzalez, Dr Ross Birrell

My concern is how voice may be accessed to present polyphonic subjective and intersubjective positions within a situation. Each individual experiences the world subjectively, positions predicated by individual situatedness and emodiedness. The original experience is a pre-reflective lived experience (a reaction to perceptual phenomena), whilst voice is the conduit for the retelling of that experience as a secondary reflective re-living (apperceptualy informed by subjective feelings, memory and imagination).

The solo voice may offer a single point of view, but a polyphony offers a kaleidascopic dialogue within the paragon that frames the situation, and a wider cultural critique beyond its boundaries. Immersive and reflective methods access the researcher’s own and others' subjective voice, however voice is not the sole privilege of humans and the research attempts to explore the materiality of the voice of non-humans, inanimate objects and place.

And the Sky Shine Down

And the Sky Shine Down |

And the Sky Shine Down — Venice 2013