Rongwei Zhang MLitt

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PhD Research Student


School of Fine Art



Rongwei's work

Rongwei's work


Rongwei Zhang

Paint your nostalgia: why do you miss
Supervisor: Marianne Greated

Nostalgia is an aesthetic psychology. It is a longing for a home that no longer exists or has never existed; a sentiment of loss and displacement; a romance with one’s own fantasy; and a judgement of value and construction of imagination based on reminiscence. One of nostalgia’s main functions is to maintain one’s continuity of identity by providing this person with sense of belonging. Therefore, although it appears as the longings for the past, it is actually a combination of one’s past and present.

By finding out the roles and relationships between one’s personal memories and present situation, I am planning to define nostalgia from a structural viewpoint and then create a method of exploring the gaps which cause nostalgia between one’s present and memories with painting by using readymade and found images in the material structure of painting. In this way, painting can have the potential of revealing more fundamental relationships between one’s now and then rather than simply depicting events from the past.