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Across The Glasgow School of Art we undertake significant research and development with external partners, applying the expertise of our researchers to complex industry and community needs.

We have one of the largest art and design research communities in the UK, with expertise in fields including: Architecture, Urbanism & the Public Sphere; Design Innovation; Digital Visualisation; Education in Art, Design & Architecture; Contemporary Art & Curating; Design for Health & Wellbeing; Material Culture; and Sustainability.  

Many of our collaborative research projects are conducted through our established research centres:

School of Simulation and Visualisation
Exploring the interface between science, technology and the arts.

Innovation School
Applying design methodologies to transform organisations and communities.

Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit
Sustainable environmental design research and evaluation.

Glasgow Urban Lab
Urbanism research focussing on regeneration and placemaking.

Centre for Advanced Textiles
Research and production of digital textile design and print.

If you would like to identify the appropriate experts at GSA for a collaboration, please contact: