Daisy Abbott MA(Hons) Theatre, Film and Television Studies MSc Information Technology (Humanities)

Job Title:

Research Developer, School of Simulation and Visualisation


School of Simulation and Visualisation



Interactive narratives and steampunk
Steampunk and Live Action Roleplaying interaction

Interactive narratives and steampunk


Daisy Abbott

Daisy Abbott is an interdisciplinary researcher and research developer based in the School of Simulation and Visualisation at Glasgow School of Art.

Daisy’s current research focusses on interactivity, 3D visualisation methodologies, and issues surrounding digital documentation, preservation, and interpretation in the arts and humanities. She regularly attends conferences and publishes in journals relevant to these topics. Selected recent publications include: “Preserving Interaction” in The Preservation of Complex Objects; Volume 2: Software Art; “Linking Evidence with Heritage Visualization using a Large Scale Collaborative Interface” in Proceedings of the International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, and “Theoretical Discussions on Digital Representations of Performance” in Capturing the Essence of Performance: The Challenges of Intangible Heritage.

Daisy would be very interested in collaborating with researchers or PhD students on research into interactive narratives, digital representations of ephemeral events, performing arts scholarship, digital heritage, digital and participatory culture, interaction design; or serious games.

With an MA(Hons) in Theatre, Film and Television Studies and an MSc in Information Technology, Daisy has experience as a PI, CoI, and lead researcher on a range of interdisciplinary projects combining digital technology with the arts and humanities. These projects include Research Engagement through Virtual Immersive Tools for Learning (REVISIT) (AHRC, £100k), "How To Fail Your Research Degree", Enhancing Engagement with 3D Heritage Data through Semantic Annotation (AHRC, £140k, 2010-2011), Storystorm (EPSRC Culture and Communities Network, £15k, 2013-14), Digital Representations of Performing Arts (AHDS, £15k, 2007), and Digital Repositories and Archives Inventory (JISC, £50k, 2007-2008). Daisy has been a reviewer for the International Journal of Digital Curation (IJDC), Serious Games Development & Applications (SGDA), and Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts (DRHA).

As a research developer Daisy also has experience of preparing successful major funding bids and writing and assessing technical plans for projects with digital outputs. Daisy is a peer reviewer for both the AHRC and the EPSRC Culture and Communities Network and previously was an Advisory Manager for the Digital Curation Centre and the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) Performing Arts.

Daisy has teaching experience in courses such as Research Methods and Scientific Writing (postgraduate) and Digital Cultures (undergraduate).