Morven Gregor MA (Hons); MSc.; M.Litt

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Market Gallery and Walker & Bromwich, Art Lending Library, 2012 Glasgow International
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Market Gallery and Walker & Bromwich,  Art Lending Library, 2012 Glasgow International


Morven Gregor

Diverting the Path: Alternative Approaches to Owning and Accessing Art

Supervisor: Nicholas Oddy

As auction houses headline record sales, owning art could be perceived as an increasingly exclusive domain. If, as Sheila McGregor has suggested, there is some form of crisis in public collecting, then alternative models of owning and accessing art merit further enquiry.

The critical framework for my study is the discourse around the social life of objects and in particular Arjun Appadurai’s discussion of normative and divergent paths. I intend to use this concept as the starting point for an exploration of “alternative” patterns of collecting contemporary art.

My contention is that collecting contemporary art in Scotland could be broadened and that non-standard collecting practices could deliver this breadth. This could result in art reaching traditionally under-represented audiences, additional means of supporting artists and, reflecting the ambition of Her and Douroux in France, re-aligning the citizen’s relationship to the art world.

A significant part of my research will involve testing an attempt, in Appadurai’s terms, to create a diversion from the customary path of the commodity-life of an artwork by establishing an alternative collecting group or groups.

This will involve creating micro, alternative collecting group or groups , I will then trace the social life of the art works involved; tracking the artwork as a subject of observation, along with its fellow human participants. To some extent my methodology will echo ethnographic, observational studies, while also engaging with the limitations of such approaches.

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