PG Cert Learning & Teaching

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Programme Overview


PG Certificate in Learning and Teaching in the Creative Disciplines. All GSA degrees are validated by the University of Glasgow, a Russell Group institution in the top 1% of the world’s universities.

Programme Leader
Maddy Sclater

Course Leader and Programme Contact: Mark Charters


Programme Overview

The purpose of the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Learning and Teaching in the Creative Disciplines is professional development programme which to enables staff in UK Higher Education Institutions and related professional fields to develop their knowledge and skills of teaching practice in higher education in the creative disciplines. This programme is specifically built around the concept of the critically reflective practitioner. The programme encourages students to engage with the principles of student-centred learning and major concepts and theories of learning and teaching. It asks students to reflect on their own role and practice in teaching and supporting students in a changing higher education environment, and facilitates the development of an individual programme of Continuous Professional Development.

The programme addresses principles of learning theory, and their application in the context of creative disciplines. The programme explores and addresses the professional practice of teaching and supporting learners, including principles of course and learning activity design; teaching delivery, assessment and feedback; learning environments and student support; and evaluation of practice. The programme also supports students to develop their approach to educational research and scholarly enquiry of their own teaching practice.  

The focus of the PGCert is the translation and application of generic pedagogical research to the creative practices, as well as the introduction to and exploration of research in the pedagogy of creative practices in higher education. The programme is delivered through a blended learning approach, allowing students to engage flexibly with key content and learning activities as well as through face to face participatory workshops on key themes within contemporarylearning and teaching within the creative disciplines. The programme is approach will be especially relevant to teachers and support staff working in art schools and other creative practice environments. Students are encouraged to learn from each other and through reflection on practice to achieve a deep learning experience that is relevant for the creative practices and/or studio environment. Teaching observations and action research projects aim to provide opportunities for experiential learning, while lectures and seminars facilitate theoretical learning. The PGCert explicitly facilitates a dialogue between theoretical and practical learning, as well as experimentation in practice.

The programme is accredited by the Higher Educationa Academy (HEA) under the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and allows successful competes the opportunity to be recognise as Associate Fellows of the HEA (exit at course 1), or Fellows of the HEA (completeion of the full programme). 

For more information about applying to the programme click here. The programme runs from January to December with applications open on a rolling basis. Applications close for the next session at the end of November to allow for processing and confirmation prior to the start of the programme in January. Should you have any questions regarding the programme please contact Mark charters the programme key contact at