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Spring 2017
Weekend courses in April

Summer 2017
Week-long courses in July

Autumn / Spring 2017-18
Evening and Day Courses

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Cynthia Bowles

Paul Deslandes

Donald Sutherland

Programme Overview

Tutor Abdi Adam
Week 1 | 26 June to 30 June
Drawing is essential to all areas of Art and Design, and the GSA has a particularly strong tradition in life drawing. Students on this course will make studies from the nude figure promoting a basic understanding of human anatomy and look at different aspects of drawing such as line, tone, structure, methods of measurement, and materials. The course will be devoted to examining the nature of drawing as an activity where seeing and thinking is as important as mark making.
Fee £360 | Discounted Fee £335 | Places 12

Tutor Rosemary Beaton
Week 2 | 3 July to 7 July
The emphasis for this course is to develop a personal, bold and imaginative colour sense. The course will start with an informal discussion on colour in painting and you will be encouraged to keep a sketchbook for notes. You will be working directly from the life model to create an expressive, colourful, figurative language in various mediums: collage, inks, pastel and oil / acrylic on board/canvas. The use of hot and cold colour will be explored; sketchbooks will be filled with many exciting colour combinations and the library will be encouraged for study and class preparation. This course is aimed at practicing artists and students who have attended life drawing classes previously.
Fee £360 | Discounted Fee £335 | Places 12

Tutor Paul Deslandes
Week 2 | 3 July to 7 July

The emphasis of this course is to develop your drawing and painting skills through a practical approach to the art of portraiture. Working directly from the model, we will begin working in charcoal to form the basis of this study. We will then quickly move on to oils to examine the relationship between colour and form, painting and compositional techniques.
Fee £360 | Discounted Fee £335 | Places 10

Tutor Donald Sutherland
Week 3 | 10 July to 14 July
During this workshop students will be involved in a thorough exploration of the human figure to develop and expand existing skills. Intensive drawing and painting exercises will help improve your understanding of anatomy and enhance your coordination, observation skills, composition, technique and colour relationships. This course is aimed at advanced level students and artists who attend life classes on a regular basis.
Fee £360 | Discounted Fee £335 | Places 12

Tutor Leslie McGuire
Week 4 | 17 July to 21 July
The course is designed to let students explore, experiment, and enjoy different techniques using pastels working directly from the nude life model. Using a variety of time frames with poses of a few minutes to longer more intense poses, students will experience working rapidly as well as in a more concerted manner. Students are encouraged to examine the importance of creating texture, form, overlaying and, mark making, while developing their own individual style. We will also explore and discuss the work of other artists who used pastel such as Degas. The course is more suited to students who have some experience in life drawing but is open to all levels of experience.
Fee £360 | Discounted Fee £335 | Places 12

Tutor Sarah Margaret Gibson
Week 4 | 17 July to 21 July

Through an exploration of the human portrait, this course is designed to encourage students to question their understanding of what they think they see when viewing the subject. Working directly from the life model students will undertake a series of drawing exercises before going on to paint in colour, thoroughly exploring the properties of oil paint and its application for tone, composition and colour. Beginners and more experienced artists alike are welcome.
Fee £360 | Discounted Fee £335 | Places 10

Tutor Paddy Dorrian
Week 5 | 24 July to 28 July
The course will explore the practice of both life drawing and painting by working directly from the nude model. The course will allow the student to learn about measurement, analysis, appropriate materials and techniques to render a pose. Students will also develop an understanding of form, proportion, structure and composition. By the end of the course the student will be comfortable in a life room and be able to realise a pose using appropriate techniques and media. Previous experience of drawing from the nude is not required as the course will be differentiated to the needs of the individual student. The course will be structured with the morning session having a theme and the afternoon session using what has been learned that morning and over previous days. The course will also consider the practice of life work from painters both past and present, using their work as inspiration for students.
Fee £360 | Discounted Fee £335 | Places 12

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Eligibility: Please note, courses are open to anyone over the age of 16 and we welcome students of all levels of ability. Some of these courses are suited to advanced level students and this information will be included in the course title or description.

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