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Our Study Abroad programme is a great opportunity for students to experience living and studying in another country without taking you too far out of your comfort zone.  Students study with us as part of their ongoing studies  and credit gained at GSA can be transfered back to their home institution. 

Students join either year 2 or 3 of our degree programme and study alongside our regular full time students. Students studying at GSA as part of the University of Glasgow study abroad programme will study as a distinct group.

Study Abroad students will normally be pursuing a bachelor degree course at their home institution in a similar field of study. 

Students may choose to study in the Schools of Fine Art and Design for

  • Term 1
  • Terms 2 & 3
  • Full-Year (Terms 1, 2 and 3)

or in the Mackintosh School of Architecture for

  • Full-Year
  • Semester 1

Our programmes are studio based and practice led and will normally consists of four days a week intensive studio practice and one day in the Forum for Critical Inquiry, although it may vary by department/school. 

Download a copy of our Handbook for Study Abroad (Top right feature)


When you make your Study Abroad application to the GSA you will need to specify to which specialist department you are applying as we do not operate a "class/credit" system.  Our study abroad students simply join the degree programme at the appropriate level and follow the curriculum set by the programme for the duration of their time with us.  As such we do not have a list of classes to choose from. 

You should talk to your Study Abroad advisor about this as they may be able to advise you on the most appropriate choice. Application is done online via our application portal. As demand for places is usually higher than the number of places available you will need to send your application in good time, and usually no later than our deadlines:

  • 1st April for September entry
  • 15th October for January entry  - Please note this deadline may NOT be used for EXCHANGE students

Firstly, you should register and log in to our application portal, where you will submit your application form and supporting documents online, including your portfolio. For example portfolios, please visit this link. If you are still unclear about any part of the application process speak to your Study Abroad advisor at home first - they may well have the answer. Otherwise you can email us at

Information on tuition fees and costs can be found here, in the section entitled 'Study Abroad'

US students who are eligible for Financial Aid at their home institution, should continue to be eligible for Financial Aid whilst undertaking a Study Abroad programme. All Financial Aid for Study Abroad students is administered through the Home institution (not GSA).

In addition to your tuition fees you will incur other costs whilst studying at the GSA.  Please check the specific course information on our website as there may be additional workshop/material costs associated with your programme. 

Once you have completed your studies at the GSA a transcript showing your grades and the courses you undertook will be sent to your home institution. Transcripts are sent out in July and late February each year.