Claire Barclay (Master of Fine Art, 1993)

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Practising artist


Master of Fine Art


Claire Barclay: "Pale Heights"
Exhibition at Mudam Luxembourg 2009/2010, Mudam Luxembourg 2009 © Image: Andrés Lejona, from:

Claire Barclay: "Pale Heights"


Claire Barclay (Master of Fine Art, 1993)

Claire Barclay was born in 1968 in Paisley, Scotland. She graduated in 1993 with a Master of Fine Art and still lives and works in Glasgow. As an artist she is known for her large-scale spatial installations which always relate to the exhibition space, its architecture, functions or history. For her collections of sculptural objects she brings together materials like leather, fabrics, wool, metal, clay or straw. Barclay juxtaposes hand-crafted and industrially-produced materials, creating precarious balances between the made and unmade, function and dysfunction, chaos and order.

Barclay has held solo shows for example at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm (Sweden), 2000; Dundee Contemporary Art, Dundee, 2003; Tate Britain, London, 2004; Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, 2005 and at Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig (Germany), 2007. She also represented Scotland at the 2003 Venice Biennale.