Margaretann Bennett (Fashion and Textiles 1991)

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Margaretann Bennet



Margaretann Bennett (Fashion and Textiles 1991)

After graduating in textiles from The Glasgow School of Art in 1991, I had a strong desire to experience other areas of artistic practice, which led me to explore etching and lithography at Glasgow Print Studio.

My love of a hands-on approach to creating surface textures led me naturally to painting and the shift to fine artist.

Visiting the Outer Hebrides again with a developed artistic sensibility was like experiencing it for the first time with fresh eyes, and so I enjoy developing my visual vocabulary and continually embracing new subject matter.

My current work explores The Hebridean landscape using mixed media. I build rich surface texture with paint, usually combining layers of delicate paper which I pre-colour and mark. I create deliberate tension between areas of abstraction and finer detail, distilling my collected experiences into visual unity and evocation, rather than depiction of place.

My work conveys a sense of time passing and lives lived, drawing on elements where man has left his mark, for example, lines and shapes created by old stone walls, steadings and sheepfolds. This theme is reinforced in my still life work, which often incorporates found objects from forays to beaches and old ruins in the Outer Hebrides.