Leah Black (Silversmithing & Jewellery 2008)

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Partner, Gin Palace; Strike Your Pose; Tutor, Cardonald College


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Leah Black
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Leah Black


Leah Black (Silversmithing & Jewellery 2008)

Leah Black is a self employed jeweller and silversmith based in Glasgow.

Black's work is concept led and highlights her intrigue for mementos and monuments and is based on the relationship between object, memory and forgetting, "The objects we cherish or create to remember, often end up being forgotten, and its here that I find my inspiration. Possibly once very precious to someone or maybe never cherished at all, I make small, wearable still lives of these forgotten objects. The tiny brass objects I turn on a lathe are sometimes copied from my drawings, or happen naturally. Drawing is an important part of my process and my jewellery has that same spontaneity and energy. The rings and the monuments are pierced from flat sheet, the boxes are irregular, and the claw settings for the boxes, objects and stones are organic, as if, like dust, moss or weeds, they have grown over time".

Black has previously exhibited across Europe including the Saatchi Gallery, and two significant silversmithing commissions are on permanent display in museums in Glasgow. 'The Hunter Cup' is on display at Hunterian Museum and a pair of candlesticks at Kelvingrove Museum. Leah began working towards company Strike Your Pose in 2010 after asking 170 people to pose for her in The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.