Kirstie Cohen (Painting and Printmaking 1987)

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Kirsty Cohen
Green Isle

Kirsty Cohen


Kirstie Cohen (Painting and Printmaking 1987)

Kirstie Cohen was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1963.

Coming from an artistic family there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to pursue an artistic career.

After studying at Edinburgh College of Art to develop a portfolio she gained entry to Glasgow School of Art, the famous Rennie Mackintosh deigned building. She studied painting there from 1983 – 1987, and after completing a degree was offered a place on the postgraduate course from 1987 – 1988.

After leaving art school she was a finalist in the 1989 British Airways Award at Olympia, London, a showcase for young emerging artists.

As soon as her studies were completed she started to develop landscape in her work, turning professional with her first solo Exhibition in London in 1990. She has subsequently had many solo and mixed shows nationwide. She now lives and works in the Highlands of Scotland near Inverness.

In 2008 she was the winner of the Art Business Today, Canon Award, Digital Printer which gave her the opportunity to publish her own work in high quality print format.

Some of the galleries that represent Kirstie’s work include the Kilmorack Gallery near Inverness, the Heinzel Gallery in Aberdeen, and the Balman Gallery in Corbridge.