Robert Colquhoun (Drawing & Painting, 1934)

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Painting & Printmaking


Robert Colquhoun
The Fortune Teller, 1946

Robert Colquhoun


Robert Colquhoun (Drawing & Painting, 1934)

Robert Colquhoun (1914–1962) was a painter and printmaker, and graduated from Drawing and Painting and The Glasgow School of Art in the 1930s. He met partner and fellow student Robert MacBryde whilst at the GSA in 1932, and they were constant living, working and travelling companions throughout their lives.

His works are characterised by the existential, often lone figure, and were compared at the time with those of contemporaries such as Francis Bacon. Colquhoun's influences included Pablo Picasso, Jankel Adler and Percy Wyndham Lewis.