Michelle De Bruin (Sculpture and Environmental Art)

Job Title:

Artist and Stonecarver


Sculpture & Environmental Art


Coldingham Priory Inscription
Public art by Michelle De Bruin

Coldingham Priory Inscription


Michelle De Bruin (Sculpture and Environmental Art)

For the last few years my work has taken the form of a research project into semiosis, following the cognitive processes by which we process and interpret information. The particular focus of my work is in indeterminacy and areas where material evidence, language and narrative become confused or even contradictory. Primarily carved in stone, this takes the form of a natural history collection called "The Broom Cupboard" in which I take the role of curator (and anatomical sculptor) in compiling a collection of misfiled specimens from the history of natural history.

During the course of my research I have also collected a series of
misinformation from the history of natural history, which takes the form of a text project.

At the moment my primary focus is the research and the carving of each specimen in full anatomical detail. Running concurrent to my artistic practice I am also the resident carver at Hutton Stone Company, where I undertake all lettering and architectural carving work by commission.