Ellinor Forsberg (Fine art photography, 2011)

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Fine Art Photography


Elinor Forsberg
''Finn'', Image from Degree Show 2011

Elinor Forsberg


Ellinor Forsberg (Fine art photography, 2011)

My visual language originates from documentary photography. Nan Goldin, Mary Ellen Mark, Diane Arbus, Antoine DĀ“Agata, Anders Petersen are photographers that have had, and still have, a great impact on my work. My images has very little to do with journalism, but has a similar need to start a debate or refresh habits of thinking.Like Roland Barthes theories on the Punktum, I believe photography has a great potential to make people remember things they have forgotten.

My latest mixed media installation have revolved around human relations and has its roots in gender studies. My degree show piece "Peachland" is my most recent work in this context, with an ambition to lose the gender focus that a lot of the times is in the way for thinking beyond the stereotypical "boxes".

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