Imogen Humphris (Architecture 2010)

Job Title:

Architect, Co-founder of The Urban Interactive


Architecture (BArch)


The Urban Interactive
Spacemakers workshop

The Urban Interactive


Imogen Humphris (Architecture 2010)

Over the last five years, Imogen’s continuing architectural practice and education has been focused on issues of community participation. Firmly committed to the premise that the form and governance of our cities is closely related to the way we function as societies, her work explores how the participatory creation and recreation of the built environment offers opportunities of meaningful social change and sustainable global development. Her direction has arguably been influenced by her long term work with education charity Architecture sans Frontieres. She continually develops methods of practice, supporting communities to co-investigate the roots of change in their neighbourhoods and use design innovation to take action.

She is the Co-founder of The Urban Interactive, a collaboration with artist and GSA alumnus Hannah Brackston, developing community engaged projects.