Scott Kilgour (Painting 1981)

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Painting & Printmaking


Scott Kilgour
''Navigator'', (1991)

Scott Kilgour


Scott Kilgour (Painting 1981)


1999 Mackintosh Museum Glasgow, Scotland

1999 Cindy Bordeau Fine Art Chicago, IL, USA

1998 Marcel Sitcoske Gallery San Francisco, CA, USA

1997 Dorothy Blau Gallery Bal Harbor, FL, USA

1996 Marcia Rafelman Fine Art Toronto, Canada

1995 Abstraction, Geometry, Gesture, Roger Smith Gallery New York City, NY, USA

1994 D/21f-Illuminations, Translations, Transfigurations 1994, The Exhibition Space New York, NY

1994 Red Windows, , Barney's New York, NY

1994 Centro Colombo Americano Medellin, Colombia

1993 Urban Analysis, Barbara Braathen Gallery New York, NY

1993 Mulder Portfolios, George Mulder Foundation Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1993 Essentials, Charles Cowles Gallery New York, NY

1992 Elliot Smith Contemporary Art St. Louis, MO

1992 Line & Myth, Rober Stein Fine Arts St. Louis, MO

1992 Independent Editions, Independent Editions London, England

1991 Hokin Gallery, Hokin Gallery Bay Harbor Islands, FL

1990 B1 Gallery, B1 Gallery Santa Monica, CA

1990 North American Indian Portraits, John Havelda Pitctures, Inc. Porto, Portugal

1990 Mark Humphrey Gallery, Mark Humphrey Gallery Southampton, NY

1990 Charles Lucien Gallery, Charles Lucien Gallery New York, NY

1989 Knots & Crosses, with photographe, Rebecca Hossack Gallery London, England

1988 American Pop Culture Today, La Foret Museum Tokyo, Japan

1988 North American Indian Portraits, 56 Bleecker Street Gallery New York, NY

1987 56 Bleecker Street Gallery, 56 Bleecker Street Gallery New York, NY

1987 Six Underknowns, Curated by Henry, DIA Foundation Bridgehampton, NY

1987 Advisory Show at the Whitney Extension, The Whitney Extension CT

1986 Michael Klein Gallery New York, NY

1986 Holly Solomon Gallery New York, NY

1985 Henry Geldzahler Collection, Century Club New York, NY

1984 Contemporary Art Society Acquisitions, Serpentine Gallery London, England

1983 Business Art Gallery, Burlington House Royal Academy London, England

1983 British Drawing, Hayward Gallery London, England

1982 Drawing Center New York, NY

1981 Expressive Images, Gallery 57 Edinburgh, Scotland

1981 With Peter Howson, Speakeasy Edinburgh, Scotland

''show and tell 1991''

''show and tell 1991'' |

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