Hayley O'Gara (Fine Art Photography 2011)

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Photography, Illustration, Journals & exhibitions


Fine Art Photography


Hayley 'O Gara

Hayley 'O Gara


Hayley O'Gara (Fine Art Photography 2011)

''We flock together in order of survival, and the networks in our communities are universal and fundamental to society. Without them our streets would be a desolate place. I am searching for the hum of the humble work force, capturing their state of reflection during simultaneous days. There is a common ground found among a work force, strength of perseverance echo’s a mile within its community. A community to which an outsider may seem intimidated by, but from my experiences so far, I have found that behind a hard exterior tends to lay characters that have the fascinating ability to accept the indifference of others. My voyeuristic approach to photography allows situations to naturally take place with no great impact of my own presence. My main aim in whichever circumstance is to simply be accepted, so as not to seem like an intruder embarking on intimate situations guarded by closed knitted communities. I’m striving to be one of the voices from the underbelly of a common place.''

Hayley 'O Gara

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