Ciara Phillips (MFA 2004) MFA

Job Title:

Artist, Painting & Printmaking tutor


Master of Fine Art


Ciara Phillips
o / x, 2013 (screenprint on canvas / screenprint on fabric)

Ciara Phillips


Ciara Phillips (MFA 2004)

Born in Ottawa, Canada, and currently based in Glasgow, Ciara Phillips graduated from The Glasgow School of Art's prestigious Master of Fine Art programme in 2004.

Phillips is primarily a printmaker, and she often transforms her exhibition spaces into workshops, inviting community groups and members of the public to collaborate with her. Her practice explores the collaborative nature of art production and the communities of interest that give rise to the creation and dissemination of art and ideas.

Phillips is the initiator of Poster Club, a group of seven Glasgow-based artists, including several GSA alumni, who work collaboratively on printing and event-based projects.

Phillips is nominated for the 2014 Turner Prize.