Noah Saterstrom (MFA 2001)

Job Title:

Painter, Writer, Publisher


Master of Fine Art



"Soldiering #33" from Soldiering Frieze (oil on 34 panels, 1' x 45')
Collaboration with poet Anne Waldman, 2011

"Soldiering #33" from Soldiering Frieze (oil on 34 panels, 1' x 45')


Noah Saterstrom (MFA 2001)

Noah Saterstrom was raised in Mississippi and received his MFA at the Glasgow School of Art in 2001. He is a visual artist and independent publisher currently living in Tucson, Arizona.
In addition to his primary media of painting and drawing, he has published essays, made video works, animations, and text/image collaborations with writers. Recent works with writers include drawings for Periodic Companions by Laynie Browne and a book, painting installation and video called Soldiering with Anne Waldman. He is making seventy drawings for Kate Bernheimer’s forthcoming book Happy Hour, and the two have completed an animated short called Wastrels Find a Home.

He has exhibited painting and drawings widely in the United States and UK, most recently at the Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans, LA, Yardmeter Editions, Brooklyn, NY, the Poetry Center, Tucson, AZ, and the Lodginghouse Mission, Glasgow.

Saterstrom posts a new painting or drawing every day or so on Noah’s Work-a-Day Page where he hold sales of sketches and preparatory drawings twice each year.

He is founder and Head Curator of the online cross-disciplinary arts journal