Stuart Whatley (Painting 1971)

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Painter, potter


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Edinbane pottery
''Bird jug, sea salt''

Edinbane pottery


Stuart Whatley (Painting 1971)

Stuart was brought up on the small island of Pabay, 2 miles off Broadford, on the Isle of Skye. Potting became a self-taught hobby, which later seemed a good way of making a living, when the family moved to Edinbane, in the north of Skye. Stuart studied Drawing & Painting at Glasgow School of Art, and then returned to Skye in 1971 to set up the Pottery with his late father, Len.

As a full time potter Stuart has made a living from his work ever since, selling largely from his own gallery. He makes a wide variety of stoneware pots, domestic and decorative, including salt glazed pieces. Most of his work is made on the potter’s wheel, often textured to compliment the decoration. As the pots dry they are coated with different coloured slips & glazes, which when fired give rich variations of surface and colour. He raw glazes & once fires using either a 60 ft³ wood-fired kiln, or a smaller 30 ft³ gas-fired salt-glaze kiln.

Stuart works with his partner Julie & usually another potter. They are very concerned that the pots work, feel good to use, and last well.

A love of walking the hills, or escaping in his boat allows time to observe and reflect. This inspiration is reflected in the work, with the colours and textures of the sea, mountains and wildlife of the islands.

Edinbane Pottery

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