Bethany Millican

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'Hosts and Visitors', Birthe Jorgensen and Sogol Mabadi
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'Hosts and Visitors', Birthe Jorgensen and Sogol Mabadi


Bethany Millican

Bethany Millican
Communication Design student

My experience as a GSA invigilator is full of gratitude. I am thankful to have the opportunity to connect with artists and visitors (including students - past, current and prospective - staff, tourists and Glaswegians) and also connect personally with the artwork itself.

My interest is drawn to the narrative of the gallery and the identities involved in an exhibition, a theme which has been explored through the work of PhD student Dawn Worsley in the first exhibition I have been invigilating - Whereabouts you are, curated by Allyson Keehan with guest curator Viviana Checchia. I find it deeply rewarding and stimulating to be able to take time to consider the pieces in the exhibition and to share thoughts with visitors. I am so excited to continue this dialogue with the public, in a position that allows me to be fully immersed in the community of GSA and connected to the wider art world.