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The Politics of Craft: After Ford 151
Grizedale Arts, 7 Feb - 8 Mar 2015

The Politics of Craft: After Ford 151


Chloë Reid

Chloƫ Reid
Master of Fine Art student

I am really interested in the dialogue of an exhibition, which begins with the artist in the studio, shifts radically when it enters a gallery space and is then transferred through the lens provided by the gallery to its audience. GSA Exhibitions and the Reid Gallery bring another element to this already engaging dynamic, by virtue of their proximity to the inner workings of the School itself. I am looking forward to making use of my time as an invigilator to develop a relationship to the the Glasgow School of Art that is outside of my relationship to it as a student. GSA Exhibitions provides an outlook that includes the broader cultural landscape of Glasgow and a chance to experience first-hand the inner workings of a gallery with an expansive approach to the showcasing of contemporary art.