Siri Black

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'Hosts and Visitors', Birthe Jorgensen and Sogol Mabadi
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'Hosts and Visitors', Birthe Jorgensen and Sogol Mabadi


Siri Black

Siri Black
Painting and Printmaking student

I am interested in learning more about the interrelationship between the artist, the work and the viewer, as well as how the exhibition space affects the reading and reception of an art work.

Invigilation is key in improving the viewers experience, and I have found it really interesting to see how different people react to and take in the artworks. I've enjoyed some really interesting conversations with visitors, that have often also given me more insight into the work displayed as well as into my own practice. I have found the time spent with an artwork really does change your interpretation of it, and I'm enjoying delving deeper into the works on display.