Ruudu Ulas

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GSA Exhibitions Invigilators


Posters of the Cuban Revolution
Reid corridor, 20 Sept - 2 Nov 2014

Posters of the Cuban Revolution


Ruudu Ulas

Ruudu Ulas
Fine Art Photography student

My enthusiasm for the role of an invigilator at GSA stems from a long-term desire to broaden and deepen my understanding of the exhibition experience by engaging wholeheartedly with each and every aspect of it. I look forward to contributing to, and discovering more about the interrelationship between the artist, their works, the space, the modes of presentation as well as their cumulative effect on the gallery's visitors and their individual and collective experience.

My favourite exhibition in the Reid gallery to date has been Grace Ndiritu's 'A Return to Normalcy: Birthplace of a New Museum'. I admire tremendously how Ndritu shifts effortlessly between mediums using a wide-ranging spectrum of cultural references, from the traditional and ancient to the modern and popular.