Rachel Woodside

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GSA Exhibitions Invigilators


Graham Fagen
Cabbages in an Orchard, 28 Jun - 29 Aug 2014

Graham Fagen


Rachel Woodside

Rachel Woodside
Sculpture and Environmental Art Student

"My favourite show so far has been Grace Ndiritus 'A Return to Normalcy: Birthplace of a New Museum’. There is a direct communication between the work and the viewer but also with the individual works themselves. The space felt domestic, tied together with the coloured walls, rugs, plants and soundtrack of a TV blaring in the background.

The opportunity to catalyse discussions around the artworks with such a vast range of people in such a short time frame is a rare place to find yourself in and I relish the dialogue shared with both internal and external visitors.

Simply looking doesn't allow you access to the whole work and it is only through interaction that you begin to decipher it.

I look forward to another year of interesting conversations!"