Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art

Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art

Equal Opportunities Statement >

The Glasgow School of Art is committed to promoting equality and diversity across the School’s activities, and to ensuring that established principles of equality and diversity are ingrained throughout the School. The Board of Governors is committed to promoting inclusivity in terms of all nine protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation). 

The Board recognises the importance of taking the lead in demonstrating commitment to equality, fostering diversity within the staff, student and stakeholder community at the School, and setting an example that helps to ingrain equality as a priority across the whole of the School. The School has adopted a progressive approach over a number of years to successfully increase diversity in the Board across all of the protected characteristics, and is committed to maintaining and improving this position. 

Working with difference and promoting equality underpins our ambition and purpose.  Our studio based learning, research and collaboration transforms thinking and our individual and collective contributions influence the day to day lives of people across local and global communities. 

As a community we are committed to creating and sustaining learning and working environments where difference is respected and the widest possible range of cultural and social perspectives are valued.  We treat each other fairly, according to need, and minimise barriers to participation for all. 

By fostering environments in which difference nourishes new questions and possibilities and where respect is a catalyst for the removal of barriers, we support the learning and development of individuals and our collective contribution to the common good.