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As a public sector organisation, GSA has a legal duty under the Equality Act 2010 to assess the impact all of its new or revised policies, practices, procedures or projects may have on protected groups (as defined by the Act).

The purpose of the Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) is to use relevant evidence, professional experience and critical thinking to identify any impact (positive, negative or neutral) the policy, practice, procedure or project that is being assessed may have on the people it affects or is intended for. The EqIA is a tool which helps mainstream equality into everything GSA does. It requires us to consider how we can mitigate or eliminate negative impact and, in turn, advance positive outcomes for under-represented groups.

Below you can find GSA’s main Equality Impact Assessment form and a corresponding guidance document, which will hopefully help answer most of your questions about completing an EqIA.

A separate Equality Impact Assessment form has been developed specifically for assessing Academic Programmes. You can find this below also.

For further support, please contact equality@gsa.ac.uk

Equality Impact Assessment Form

Equality Impact Assessment Form for Academic Programmes

Equality Impact Assessment Guidance