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Annual Complaints Reports

Complaints Annual Report 2016/17
Complaints Annual Report 2017/18
Complaints Annual Report 2018/19

Please note: Quarterly Reports now include cumulative data through the year. As such, from 2019/20 on, Q4 Reports will serve as Annual Reports. 

Quarterly Complaints Reports

Complaints Q1 Report 2018/19 
Complaints Q2 Report 2018/19
Complaints Q3 Report 2018/19
Complaints Q4 Report 2018/19

Complaints Q1 Report 2019/20
Complaints Q2 Report 2019/20
Complaints Q3 Report 2019/20
Complaints Q4 Report 2019/20

Complaints Q1 and Q2 Report 2020/21
Complaints Q3 Report 2020/21 
Complaints Q4 Report 2020/21

Complaints Q1 Report 2021/22
Complaints Q2 Report 2021/22
Complaints Q3 Report 2021/22
Complaints Q4 Report 2021/22

Copies of earlier reports, where available, can be provided on request. All reports can be provided in alternative formants on request. Please contact for more information.