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Advanced Entry to the GSA: Advice for Applicants
Whether you're applying for Year 1 or for advanced entry (Year 2 or Year 3), admission to the GSA is very competitive. For further advice on applying to the GSA, the Widening Participation pages are a great resource.

Admissions Process
As with most art schools, the Admissions Process at GSA includes a few different stages and begins with your UCAS application.

Be sure to triple-check admissions criteria for your programme through the general admissions pages.

What level should I apply to?
Before applying for further study, think seriously about what you hope to gain from degree-level study. This should help inform the level you ultimately apply to. The programme team considering your application may move it to the level they think is most appropriate and you may be considered at that level regardless of which year you applied to. Whatever you decide, it is helpful if you indicate the level you wish to be considered for as your Point of Entry on your UCAS form.

HNCs, HNDs and Foundation Diplomas are all considered at the same level as Year 1 (SCQF Level 7 / HNC or Foundation) or above (SCQF Level 8 / HND). This means in some circumstances, they may be used to replace 1-2 years of study at university or art school. Foundation applicants are commonly considered for Year 2 entry– especially in Fine Art programmes. And, it is becoming more common for an HNC graduate to articulate into Year 2 or an HND graduate to articulate into Year 3. We're working to support those who do articulate into Year 3 on occasions where the applicant and degree course agree it would be beneficial and the student is likely to succeed. We are currently expanding these opportunities where they are successful.

Some successful applicants with an HND will be given an offer of Year 2. This is often the preferred choice for both the student and the programme team. If you've applied to Year 3, but it's been changed to Year 2, ask the interviewers to explain why in your interview.

Is Study Abroad or Erasmus exchange something you want to do? If so, check to see when you would have to apply and when you would go. These opportunities are usually offered to Year 3 students but must be applied for during Year 2. Third year entry might not be a viable option if you want to go on exchange.

It's important to also check with SAAS or the appropriate funding body about funding for additional study – you may only be funded for a certain number of years – especially if you have studied at HE level before.

Efolio Examples from Successful Applicants
Click on the link above to see images taken from successful e-folios and portfolios. All applicants were ultimately offered places in Year 2 or 3.