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Marie Anine Møller

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An element of all undergraduate Fine Art programmes is delivered by Fine Art Critical Studies. For most of the four years of undergraduate programmes in fine art, one day per week of the student timetable is allocated to FACS. It is a cross-school and externally linked critical mass of diverse research expertise in broad-based critical studies for contemporary creative practices.

The range of teaching styles varies from traditional keynote lectures to interactive discussion groups and experiential learning. Courses are constructed in order to both underpin studio practice and to open out and extend the range of student research.

All students are required to attend lectures and discussion groups, to make oral presentations, to write essays and in the final year, to present a piece of personal research in the form of an Extended Essay (20% of the final degree mark) or a Dissertation (30% of the final degree mark).

Students requiring learning support are provided with additional teaching tailored to individual needs. Each student also has a departmental contact tutor who acts in an advisory and pastoral capacity in relation to progress in Fine Art Critical Studies.

Profiles for our Fine Art Critical Studies staff can be found here.