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The Glasgow School of is committed to widening participation and believes all applicants should have an equal chance of entry regardless of background or life circumstance. To support this, we operate contextualised admissions for applicants living in Scotland. This means we consider circumstances faced by individual applicants which may have prevented them meeting our standard academic entry requirements and make adjusted offers accordingly.

Widening Participation applicants are those who:

  • Are care experienced (i.e., have been adopted, in foster care, residential care, secure care, kinship care, or being looked after at home with a supervision requirement at any point in life) 
  • Live in an SIMD20 or SIMD40 postcode
  • Are estranged from their parents or legal guardians (i.e., no longer have any contact due to a permanent breakdown in their relationship)
  • Have caring responsibilities for someone, who due to illness, disability, mental health issues, or an addiction, cannot cope without their support
  • Are a refugee
  • Currently receive free school meals

Widening Participation applicants who pass the digital portfolio and interview stages will receive an offer at our adjusted entry requirements, shown below.

  • Fine Art, Design and Innovation programmes: Scottish Highers at BBCC to include a literate subject
  • Architecture: Scottish Highers at BBCC at Higher level to include a literate subject plus Maths or Physics.
  • Games & VR: Scottish Highers at BBCC at Higher level to include a literate subject plus Maths.

Literate subjects include English, Business Management, Classical Studies, Economics, ESOL, Geography, History, Media Studies, Modern Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religious studies, and Sociology.

Information correct as at November 2022, but may be subject to change.  

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