All GSA degree programmes are validated by the University of Glasgow. 

University of Glasgow

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The GSA is an accredited institution of the University of Glasgowwhich has validated its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes since 1992. GSA students have associate institution status at the University which allows access to some of the facilities at Glasgow. GSA students on joint programmes and research students have full access to facilities at both institutions. GSA staff are formally recognised as lecturers of the University.
All GSA students are bound by the regulations outlined in policies published on this website and the relevant regulations of the University of Glasgow.

Whilst the Senate of the University of Glasgow has ultimate responsibility for the awards, there is maximum delegation to The GSA for its own quality assurance procedures.

The strength of these procedures was recognised by the University in 1996/1997 when it conferred Accredited Institution status on The GSA. The School, through its Academic Council, is also responsible for the development, monitoring, evaluation and updating of its academic framework.

In a number of areas (including, assessment, external examiners) the School's regulations, policies and procedures are aligned with University policy and approved by the Senate of the University.

Degree, Diploma and Certificate Regulations for awards validated by the University of Glasgow can be found on the Programme and Course Regulations page.