Image: Mackintosh Building full facade, 2013

mack facade

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The Project Vision
The vision for the Mackintosh Project will deliver a range of critical outcomes for the GSA enhancing its civic role locally and nationally, improving the student experience, supporting sustainability and digital infrastructure, underpinning further diversification of income streams, and engaging the local community and economy.

  • The Building – The project should deliver a building that: reflects the significance of the GSA; projects its aesthetic and design values; contributes to the sense of place of Garnethill; and is sustainable and digitally enabled, enhancing its value to a diverse range of users and stakeholders.
  • Convening Power – The project will provide a high profile, innovative and attractive space in which the extensive GSA networks of individuals and representatives from cultural and creative industries, business, research and enterprise, and the community can engage with the GSA.
  • Economic Impact – The project will support long-lasting economic activity aligned to the GSA’s aspirations. The impact will be felt predominantly in Glasgow and Scotland. New generations of GSA graduates will enter and energise national and international creative and wider economies
  • Income Generation – The project should help reinforce the GSA’s position as a world-leading Higher Education institution in the visual creative disciplines, helping generate new, sustainable income streams, including new courses to a broader base of students and researchers. 

The Glasgow School of Art (the GSA) was founded in 1845 to support the manufacturing industries of Glasgow. Ever since, it has evolved and grown to serve new industries and audiences through the delivery of world leading teaching and research in the visual creative disciplines. It is ambitious and international in outlook, but its roots and heritage remain firmly embedded in the City of Glasgow.

The impact of the 2018 fire on the Mackintosh Building significantly impacted the Garnethill community, as well as depriving the GSA of a unique and much-loved teaching and learning resource. The Mackintosh Building was at the heart of the GSA campus, and served as a highly visible convening place not only for the GSA but for the wider community and many thousands of visitors to the city. 

The Mackintosh Project
The Mackintosh Project has been established to enable the GSA to plan an effective and appropriately consultative response to the current condition of the Mackintosh Building. It seeks to provide an effective solution to replace those facilities and functions lost as a result of the 2018 fire.

This Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) is framed with clear governance and reporting arrangements to examine the options and opportunities for the GSA to reprovide academic (and potentially other) facilities, in pursuit of delivering tangible outcomes to its students, researchers, alumni, the local community, economy and other stakeholders – all in the context of the future Strategic Plan.

In line with best practice, the SOBC is structured as five cases. It is a ‘high level’ document with an emphasis on the ‘business need’ for capital investment. The principal conclusions from the individual cases are summarised in turn – see links to left.