John Ayers BA (Hons) Music, MA (Distinction) Music Technology

Job Title:

Head of Technical Support


Technical Services



Technical services at the GSA
Details of specialist facilities and technical staff, from 3D making workshops to screenprinting and letterpress

Technical services at the GSA


John Ayers

As Head of Technical Support John is responsible for the organisation and management of the wide range of technical provision and facilities at GSA. His focus is on enabling a safe, student focussed service with staff that are as creative with their ideas as they are knowledgeable about their area.

John has a background in music and music technology, working as a sound recordist and producer in the north east of England and as performer internationally. His particular interests include technologically assisted performance practice, improvisation and the impact of place on sound-making. Prior to taking up his role at GSA in 2013 he worked as Studio Manager and Head of Technical Services for Newcastle University.