Koen Broucke

Job Title:

Research Fellow, Mackintosh School of Architecture




Departure to Scapa Flow, 2015
Acrylic on paper, 12 x 25,5 cm

Departure to Scapa Flow, 2015


Koen Broucke

As a visual artist, Koen Broucke is researching the representation of battlefields. A first stage of his PhD research into the battle of Waterloo was on display during the summer of 2015 in the Royal Library in Brussels. The title of his research “Many Ways to Scapa Flow” into Scapa Flow (main base of the Royal Navy during the world wars) refers to “Mein weg nach Scapa Flow”, the autobiography of German U-boat commander Gunther Prien. He manipulates chronology, putting Scapa Flow at the end of his story as a religious mission, making of his account powerful Nazi propaganda. Broucke’s reconstruction of the history of Scapa Flow is multiform, intuitive and based on his practice as an artist. He studies sideways, coincidences and significant details. He is drawing and painting to understand complex historical events.

Koen Broucke (Belgium, 1965) is an extremely versatile artist. He knows how to give shape to his unique universe through image, text and music and the result is incredibly fascinating. Alternating between reality and imagination, historical facts and fantasy, a self-written scenario in which historical figures and fictional characters is brought to life in his work. With his drawings, paintings and performances Koen Broucke has developed a magnificent but also a very distinctive personal style. Guaranteeing him a very special place in the landscape of contemporary Belgian art.