Dr. Luca Brunelli PhD, MSc, MArch, COACV

Job Title:

Senior Lecturer/Stage Leader, Mackintosh School of Architecture


Mackintosh School of Architecture



Valdemoro Ice Rink, Spain 2007
photograph Roland Halbe

Valdemoro Ice Rink, Spain 2007


Dr. Luca Brunelli

Luca is Senior Lecturer and stage 2 leader at the Mackintosh School of Architecture (MSA) where he encourages students to explore the potential of architecture as a tool for political, societal and environmental change. Before joining the Glasgow School of Art in 2016 he has been teaching architectural and urban design at ESALA, University of Edinburgh, and Housing and Urbanism at the University of Panama (2007). From 2004 to 2013 he was associate professor at UCH-CEU School of Architecture in Valencia (Spain) where he taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and was part of the team that supported students in the design and construction of the UCH-CEU houses at the Solar Decathlon Europe competitions in 2010 and 2012. He has been more than 15 years in professional practice in architecture and urban design in Spain. Most recent completed projects include a private residence in Mallorca, and the design of the multifunctional commercial space in the Illustration Museum in Madrid. The practice has won several awards, most notably the ELEMENTAL Chile competition, which led to the design of incremental housing for a community living in an informal settlement in Valdivia, Chile.

Luca has been awarded a PhD in Urban Studies at the Urban Institute, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. His research has explored how individual and collective well-being of older people can be supported by local high streets straddling across disciplines and combining urban design theory and policies, with a social psychology approach to health and well-being. He holds a MArch from Turin Polytechnic (Italy), a MSc in Housing and Development from the Bartlett, University College London, and a MRes in City Planning from School of Architecture in Madrid. His research interests are linked to the academic and professional expertise he acquired over the last twenty years and include the impact of an ageing population on the design of cities, the promotion of health and wellbeing in place making, incremental, flexible and modular housing policies and design, and the involvement of users in the production of the built environment.