Dr Christine Farion PhD

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Specialism Leader, MDes Design Innovation and Interaction Design


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Christine Farion

Christine Farion


Dr Christine Farion

“Human-centric computing with real-world application... prototyping as I go!”

A big part of my drive comes from making prototypes that satisfy both practical and aesthetic needs. Using an experience-centred approach, I created object-based memory aids that emerged as a result of investigating the design processes for smart objects.

I love to build physical systems using circuits and software. How can we create a system between the physical world and us, to sense and respond?

Perceived Forgetfulness
I’m concerned with perceived forgetfulness. Some people are not medically diagnosed as forgetful, but they believe themselves to be forgetful. Because of this belief, forgetfulness affects their day to day lives in a negative way. I’m asking questions about these negative emotions / negative implications in their lives.

Physical Computing
I love to build physical systems. I use a variety of hardware and software to make portable systems which may sense or respond to our relationship with a physical world.

Wearable Computing (wearables) on body systems
These are typically small electronic devices that are worn by a user. It could be a garment, an accessory, or other textile / material system. There is usually a constant interaction with the user, and the device is described as augmented in terms of adding functionality to what the wearer would normally do or how they would function.

Other interests involve investigating assistive technologies, predominantly for people with a visual or hearing impairment. In a previous life, I made iOS apps, created multi-sensory engagements, and worked collaboratively with artists receiving Arts Council and British Council funding. I’m exploring a human-centred approach with the aims of enhancing our lived experience through slow technology.

Ph. Dork (QMUL) • assistive technology • wearables • forgetfulness • interaction • physical computing • prototyping • experience centred design • circuit design • popcorn

I was awarded a 4 year scholarship from EPSRC to complete a PhD in Media & Arts Technology, Queen Mary University of London. My research has focused on forgetfulness, embedded systems and HCI.

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Other Interests include technologies, abandoned places, and NFTs.