Robert Mantho Diploma, RIBA Part III, ARB Registered Architect

Job Title:

Senior Lecturer, Mackintosh School of Architecture


Mackintosh School of Architecture



Making Space
Firehouse Gallery, Burlington VT, USA

Making Space


Robert Mantho

I am an architect, teacher, and researcher. I have practiced with a variety of firms in N.Y.C., London, Portland, and Vermont, working on a wide range of building projects and competitions. I have taught at The University of East London, The Architectural Association, and Norwich University. My research is focused on collaborative design, the exploration of spatial definition, digital processes in the generation of space and urban analysis. This research has been presented in Antwerp, Aberdeen, Beijing, Lisbon, London, Montreal, New York, and Reykjavik. I have delivered multiple papers at conferences, published two articles in international journals and published the book, The Urban Section: An Analytical Tool for Cities and Streets, in 2014.

I have been the Stage Leader for stages 2, 4 and 5 and been the pathway leader for the Urban Design and the Creative Urban Practices pathways in the Masters of Architectural Studies programme. I am currently the Stage 4 Leader and the pathway leader for the Creative Urban Practices pathway.