Susanne Nørregård Nielsen PG Diploma, BA (Hons)

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Lecturer, Painting + Printmaking


Painting & Printmaking


Susanne Nørregård Nielsen
Red Yellow Blue, DCA

Susanne Nørregård Nielsen


Susanne Nørregård Nielsen

Susanne Nørregård Nielsen is a Scottish-based Danish artist. She trained as a screen-printer in Copenhagen, before studying printmaking and painting at the Art Academy (P.W.S.S.P.) in Poznan, Poland. After two years she went on to study in the Painting and Printmaking Department at GSA. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1998.
Susanne teaches in the Painting and Printmaking Department.

Susanne’s practice makes frequent reference to early abstractionists like Kasimir Malevich and Piet Mondrian. Although her practice is rooted in painting, materials such as plants, photography, textile and embroideries are often used to make the work. She sets out to challenge dominant interpretations of key artists of modernism.

Susanne was awarded a fellowship at the Pier Arts Centre in Orkney in 2001 and a one year residency at Stills, Scotland's Centre for Photography in 2007.

Photographic works have been published in ‘Source’, ‘Katalog’, and most recently in Susan Bright’s book ‘Autofocus: the self-portrait in contemporary photography’.

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