Thomai Pnevmonidou MDes, PG Cert

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Interior Design Lecturer


Interior Design


Interior Design studios in the Reid Building
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Interior Design studios in the Reid Building


Thomai Pnevmonidou

Thomai is a lecturer of the Interior Design Department teaching at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level in the subject. She completed her Bachelor and Master in Architecture Engineering at the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece in 2011, and she has also lived and studied in Madrid. Thomai studied her Master in Interior Design at GSA in 2013 and started working as a Visiting Lecturer in 2015. She also completed her PG Cert in Learning and Teaching.

Her research interests are interdisciplinary, and include architecture movements and their link to the context of the city and sociology; design and architecture as the making of metaphors and theoretical as well as scientific aspects related to fields of creativity. She is interested in the expanded field of design and architecture, and particularly in exploring the affinities between the embodied memories and the identity of space; human behaviour and interaction as affected by forms and geometries and the body as a tool of space exploration.

Thomai is keen to explore the role of the design by investigating the perception of space through human psychology, the power of imagination, atmospheric moods, storytelling and narrative and the interaction between people and objects.

For her Pg Cert in Supervision, Thomai is currently undertaking a research project which focuses on interior spatial concepts informed by objects, symbols and the physicality of ‘traces’; an exchange of theories on how interior spaces act as networks of behaviours and experiences. More specifically the research aims to question the interpretation of the inside-outside dialectic through different patterns of domestic spatial occupation in Glasgow (tenement housing) and Singapore (Housing Development Board (HDB) public housing).

Alongside her academic career Thomai is a design practitioner and contributor to various online journals, she has also worked as an illustrator and has had work featured and referenced in Frame, and Nostimon Imar (