Harriet Simms MDes, BA

Job Title:

Community Engagement Officer


Open Studio



Mapping Narrative -
A Sensory Approach to Exploring Places

Mapping Narrative -


Harriet Simms

Harriet Simms is working as a Community Engagement Officer at The Glasgow School of Art. Her work is focused on exploring ways for the school to better connect, partner and work with the surrounding areas of Garnethill and Blythswood. The aim is to develop strong relationships through positive and mutually beneficial partnerships with people who live, work, study and play in the local area and explore new potentials for creative engagement.

Alongside this role she is undertaking a part-time Masters of Research project based at the Innovation School, which aims to explore how participatory design methods can be utilised with local residents to co-develop and design a long term, embedded and sustainable engagement framework between GSA and its local area.

She previously completed a MDes in Design Innovation and Environmental Design at GSA. Her previous work explored places and how our current lifestyles are evolving to change and affect our social interactions within our built environments. With an interest in exploring alternative research and engagement methods, she wants to develop effective ways of working with people to explore and develop their local areas through participatory design, strengthening places to be healthy and sustainable.