Jen Sykes BA (Hons), MFA

Job Title:

Lecturer in Physical Computing and Interactive Prototyping


School of Design


Jen Sykes
Teaching Assistant in Interactive Prototyping

Jen Sykes


Jen Sykes

Jen Sykes is an artist/designer based in Glasgow. Having graduated from the MFA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University of London in 2012, her work spans creative computer programming, sculpture and electronic hardware designs often connecting the physical analog and digital worlds. Her research focuses on using computing as a material to narrate qualities which normally lay dormant, invisible to the human eye. In particular, biometric energy and how this potential source is visualised through performative traces. Her research has led her to develop her own hardware in the form of oscillatory sensors measuring their surface environments.

Recent exhibitions include Test Signal, Hotel Elephant London and Museum for an Imagined City, SOIL, Seattle.