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Lecturer, Painting and Printmaking


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Hanneline Visnes

Originally from Norway Hanneline Visnes grew up on the west coast of Norway. She now lives and works in Glasgow. She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include : « A Pointilist Sculpture Park» Arte Gianni Frankfurt, «Solid Air» Transition Gallery London, and «A Picture Show» Glasgow Museum of Modern art, Glasgow. Her work is held in a number of private and public collections including MoMA New York, UBS Zurich, and the Norwegian national collection.

In Visnes paintings European, Chinese and Persian patterns merge and are transformed into new and made up patterns, sometimes on their own and sometimes together with motifs like landscapes, birds, jewels or other precious objects.

To make these paintings oil paint is applied onto smooth surfaces with very thin brushes, making small brushmarks that sometimes overlap each other and sometimes line up next to each other. Often very strong colours are used, when put next to each other they become a little disharmonious and almost create an illusion of vibrating. This is a painstaking and slow process - which may be in contradiction to the wild and intense objects that they become.

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