Silvia Weidenbach MA (RCA)

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Titel Necklace: Fractal Invention "Another white Night"
Silver, Topaz, 3D printed Moondust

Titel Necklace: Fractal Invention "Another white Night"


Silvia Weidenbach

Silvia Weidenbach is an award winning jeweller, who fuses the traditional with the contemporary. She uses both historical techniques and new technologies, melding them to create striking, unique pieces. She explores form, complexity and colour to develop an entirely new aesthetic for jewellery in the 21st Century. 

Silvia is a leading exponent of new techniques. She has pioneered the use of 3D printing and haptic devices, to make jewellery and objects that could not be created using conventional techniques. However she combines these groundbreaking methods with the best of the past, to create an exuberant, hybrid union.

She draws inspiration from the 17th Century ‘Cabinet of Curiosities,’ which combined new global discoveries, with the natural world, the precious, luxurious and extraordinary. These elements are all expressed in her jewellery. 

Silvia is currently the Gilbert Collection Artist in Resident at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.