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Funding a postgraduate course has always been difficult. Competition for funding is fierce and normally only students with good undergraduate degrees (2:1 and above) are considered. 

The following information may help you in your search – all sources of funding will have eligibility criteria and you should check these carefully before making an application.


The GSA has a range of scholarships – mostly offering partial assistance with the costs of graduate study. Further information on these can be found here.

PhD Funding

Please see relevant program pages for PhD-specific sources of funding here.

SAAS Postgraduate Loan Scheme

These loans are for Scottish domiciled and EU students undertaking a taught masters programme in Scotland. The loan comprises two parts - £5,500 towards tuition costs and £4,500 towards living expenses. You must not have received support from UK or EU public funds for a previous postgraduate course. For more information and to check your eligibility please visit the SAAS website here.

Rest of UK Student Loans

Student Finance England provide loans for English residents attending Master’s programmes anywhere in the UK. A loan of up to £ £10,906 is available to help with tuition fees and living costs. More information can be found at the following websites:
The Student Room

A Postgraduate Doctoral Loan of £25,700 for PhD study is offered by Student Finance England – more information here

Student Finance Wales offer up to £17,000, as a combination of grant and loan, for Masters Level Study. More information here.

Student Finance Northern Ireland currently offers tuition fee loans of up to £5,500. More information here.

The precise level of funding available for the above listed loans 2020/21 has still to be confirmed.

Professional and Career Development Loans

Students from other parts of the UK may also find support for postgraduate study through a Career Development Loan. Information is available here.

US Federal Financial Aid

The GSA participates in the William D Ford Direct Loan Program, helping US citizens pay for study - more information here.

Students from Erasmus + Programme Countries

Students from Erasmus + Programme Countries (EEA and Turkey) may apply for an Erasmus + Masters loan. Students from France or Spain may apply either in their home country or to the UK scheme. Details of the Erasmus + Masters loan scheme can be found here. This scheme provides up to 12000 Euro for one year programmes and 18000 Euro for two year programmes.

Discretionary Grants

If you are a UK postgraduate student and you experience financial need whilst studying at GSA, you can apply for a Discretionary Grant via our Student Welfare department.

GSA Alumni Discount

If you have completed your undergraduate degree at the GSA, you are eligible for a 5% discount on programme fees for a postgraduate degree. Students wishing to take advantage of this discount should contact the Finance Office on +44(0) 141 353 4579 or

Private Scholarships

A considerable number of private foundations have limited amounts of money available to support students undertaking a variety of programmes. The following websites are good places to begin your search:

Other Sources of Funding

If you are eligible, there are other alternative sources of funding in existence, in the form of grants and trusts. If you require further guidance on this please contact Student Welfare in for assistance in the first instance.