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The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) scholarships for 2022/23 were awarded in June 2022.  We have a small number of additional awards which remain available to new students who are starting Undergraduate or Postgraduate study in academic session 2022/23.

If you are a new entrant to GSA and have been given a Conditional or Unconditional offer of study you may be eligible to apply for one of the remaining scholarships.

Some of our scholarships offer a contribution towards your tuition fees and others provide a maintenance grant to assist with your living costs while you study at the GSA. The value of the scholarship does not reflect the full cost of undertaking full-time study and, unless otherwise stated, the scholarships are for one academic year only. 

Please check the GSA scholarship webpages on a regular basis before you submit your application.  New scholarships may become available and changes may be made to existing scholarships up to the application deadline date. GSA reserves the right to make variations to the scholarships available and to not award in any year.

The deadline for submitting a scholarship application is Monday 5 September 2022 at 16.00 hours GMT.

The GSA Scholarships for new students starting in 2023/24 will be advertised on our website from March 2023 onwards.

How to Apply

If eligible, you can apply for a maximum of two scholarships. Only one application form is required to apply for two scholarships. A link to the GSA Scholarship Application Form can be at the top right of this web-page.

Please e-mail if you require the application form in an alternative format.

Check the eligibility criteria:
Only applicants that meet all of the eligibility criteria of the scholarship(s) will be considered.  Meeting all of the eligibility criteria does not guarantee you will receive an award.

Check the deadline:
There is a high demand for GSA scholarships so we cannot accept late applications. Scholarships are not awarded on a first come first served basis.

Make it clear why you should receive an award:
The Scholarship Committees will be looking at a high number of applications. You should clearly explain why you need the funding and how it will support you to succeed with your studies at the GSA.  Unless stated otherwise, the Scholarship Committees will make awards based only on the information you provide in your application form and relevant supporting documents or artwork, where this is a requirement.

If the scholarship(s) you are applying to ask for supporting documents, then email us clear copies. You should only email copies of documents that are required or that you feel strengthen your application. The quantity of documents supplied will not increase your chance of an award. All documents must be in English and financial amounts translated to UK Pounds Sterling. There is no need to send copies of certificates for examinations; there is a dedicated space on the Scholarship Application Form for you to list your educational achievements.


Submitting Your Application

Please check your application and ensure each section is fully complete:

Section 1: Personal details

  • Your programme of study, year of study and fee status can be found on your offer letter/email.
  • If you have not arranged a term time address, then please write “not yet known”.
  • All contact will be made by email so please ensure your email address is correct.

 Section 2: Education

  • Please list your educational history by most recent first. Transcripts or certificates of qualifications are not required.

 Section 3: Financial information

  • The tuition fee you will be charged is stated on your offer letter/email.
  • In the income section you should be as accurate as possible about the funding you have secured or expect to receive.  We understand this may be an estimate if your funding has not been confirmed.
  • In the expenditure section you should list any existing obligations/costs that may affect your finances during your studies e.g. debt repayments, medical bills, supporting dependants, caring responsibilities.

 Section 4: Personal Statement

  • Please explain why you require the support of the GSA Scholarship you are applying for.

Please submit your completed application to:
by Monday 5 September 2022 at 16.00 hours GMT.

Most scholarships only require a completed and signed application form with a copy of your Conditional or Unconditional offer letter/email. Others require further documents or an artwork image. Do not send information that has not been specifically requested in the criteria for example, a CV, references, examples of your work. The requirements are fully explained in the individual scholarship’s eligibility criteria.    

Please do not send ‘zip files’ or ‘pages’ format files. 

Scholarship Result

You will receive an email notification acknowledging receipt of your application within three working days of your application being submitted.  Please do not e-mail asking for confirmation of receipt before this time.

All eligible applications received by the deadline will be considered by the GSA Scholarship Committees, their decision is final and cannot be appealed. The Scholarship Committees are unable to discuss the reasons for the outcome of your application.  Feedback cannot be provided.

You will be advised of the outcome of your application by email by 20 September 2022.


An extensive Frequently Asked Questions section is provided. If you cannot find the answer to your question you can email:

Privacy Statement

The information you provide on your scholarship application and supporting documents will only be used to process your application and will be held by GSA in accordance with Data Protection security regulation.  Information will not be disclosed to a third party without your prior written consent.  Information will be securely destroyed within 5 years.